Posh Persian Pet Kitten (No breeding rights) Sale Contract


Persian Kitten/Cat born on____________________ Sex___M___F___

Sire_____________________________________________ Dam_____________________________________________


Buyers Name______________________________________________


Home Phone____________________ Email______________________


Posh Persian, Donna Waskiewicz, located at 6312 Burgundy St, Evans, CO 80634 (720-318-4124). poshpersian12@gmail.com is hereby referred to as the Seller.

  1. The buyer accepts full responsibility for this kitten and providing properly for itís welfare. It is understood that this is a live animal and is not considered to be a perfect creature by any definitions. The buyer agrees that this kitten will always receive prompt medical cared. The buyer agrees to provide companionship for this kitten, never leaving it alone for extended periods of time with out human attention, or caging the kitten for more than 8 hours per day. The buyer agrees never to allow this kitten to roam free outdoors unattended. The buyer agrees never to declaw this cat and understands that declawing is a cruelty and likely to alter the kittens temperament.
  2. The seller warrants that kitten is from a clean cattery free of diseases and all vaccinations are up to date. The seller warrants that this kitten is genetically sound to the best of the sellerís knowledge. The seller will replace kitten if it should die of a genetic defect on or before itís 1st birthday, providing Posh Persian is still breeding, and that the defect is evidenced in an autopsy report provided to the seller from the buyerís veterinarian. The buyer will not administer the feline leukemia or FIP vaccine to this kitten, understanding these vaccines may cause harm to the kittenís health and these 2 stated vaccines will null and void the 1 year genetic health guarantee.
  3. Buyer has 72 hours to return kitten for a replacement kitten, provided that the kitten has not been exposed to or shared food, water or litter boxes with other cats. No cash refunds will be given. After the 72 hour period, no replacement will be given. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. If the kitten is returned, the next available kitten of equal will be offered to buyer as replacement. Prior to any replacement animal being made, all papers issued with this animal must be returned, properly signed, transferring ownership back to the breeder. Documented health conditions requiring return of the animal are the only reason an adjustment will be made. Please, note if the kitten/cat has been exposed to other cats not raised and bred by Posh Persian, no replacement will be given.
  4. If at any time this kitten/cat is found to be in an unfit or abusive condition, the seller reserves the legal right to remove the animal from the premises, and the buyer agent will surrender said animal and all appropriate papers to the seller, or to the sellerís designated agent, immediately, unconditionally and without compensation.
  5. Above kitten is being sold a pet quality without breeding rights and it is understood and agreed that the kitten will be neutered/spayed before its 6 month birthday. A veterinarian certificated of neutering/spaying will be mailed to the seller immediately after said kitten has been neutered/spayed. CFA registrations will then be mailed to the buyer. If cat is found to have been bred, all offspring and the cat shall be immediately furnished to the seller, at buyerís expense, and addition, a $1000.00 damages fee will be owed to the seller from the buyer. If this contract is litigated, it shall be litigated in Weld County, Evans, Colorado. The buyer agrees to pay all court costs if this contract is litigated, and that any suit shall be tried in the sellerís state and under the sellerís state law. (Colorado State, Weld County).


Signed this ______day of _______________, 2017.

Seller, Donna Waskiewicz________________________________________